Corporate Social Responsibility

币游官网'Al Bridgesoft Global Technologies' is a values-driven company.

Having Integrity, Sustainability and Respect as our core values, determine and define how we act and interact with all our stakeholders. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) lies at the heart of everything we do and everyone we deal with. We integrate our business principles and values into all of our operations to meet the expectations of our stakeholders – customers, employees, regulators, vendors and the community in which we operate.


We are equal opportunities employer.
The company is committed to promoting and developing equal opportunities and continually reviews its policies, procedures and practices in these areas to ensure that they are consistently applied. The company values, which define the way we do things, actively promote our commitment to ‘value others, appreciate and respect their diverse backgrounds, experience, styles, approaches and ideas’.

In this organisation, discrimination is unacceptable and that it is in the company’s own best interests, We encourage potential employees to utilize their skills to deliver the Best. Our 'equal opportunities policy' aims to ensure that the employee receives equal treatment irrespective of race, colour, creed, religion, nationality, sex, marital status, disability, age and social status


币游官网We committed to 'equal opportunities for disabled staff and aims to create an environment which enables them to participate fully in company life.


We committed to practice, participate, inform and influence the environmental performance
币游官网 Good environmental practice is an integral part of the company's day-to-day management and activities. The office environment is demanding on resources, including energy, water, paper, equipment and other consumables. In this regard, the company has placed particular emphasis on conservation and demand management.

In addressing the environmental, social and economic issues that underpin our values,we

  • Support and encourage our employees to help local community in our region.
  • Recognize that our business affects the environment and that we should continuously strive to use resources more efficiently and reduce pollution and waste.
  • Encourage suppliers and contractors to adopt responsible business policies and practices for mutual benefit.
  • Strive to improve our environmental performance through implementation of our Sustainable Development and Environmental policies and the creation of working environments more conducive.
  • Seek to contribute to social inclusion and the reduction of poverty through paying fair wages, developing employee skills, providing opportunities for disadvantaged groups and young workers and by striving for continuous growth in employment.
  • Recognize our investment in skills development, life-long learning and employ-ability are needed so we remain competitive in the marketplace.
  • Will provide, and strive to maintain a clean, healthy and safe working environment and strive to ensure that all employees are treated with respect and without sexual, physical or mental harassment.
  • Will benchmark our progression and measure our performance in search of continuous improvement.

币游官网The health and well-being of our staff is an important concern to us. Our office premise is smoke-free. Staff are encouraged to take exercise, yoga and meditation at specific time of a day and the Friday food day' , an initiative aims to help those who want to eat more healthily. A weekly supply of is 'organic fresh fruit is provided for all staff to enjoy, on-site vending facilities offer a choice of sugar-free and low-fat options and unlimited filtered water is available on tap.


It takes a great deal of pride in putting CSR at the heart of its operations. We believe that it has a duty to contribute to society, both in the India and overseas. We are an Indian business Organization that operates across India and increasingly in Africa and other regions of the world. Our ethos is that the company has a duty to focus on growth in order to contribute to the greater social good through offering increased employment opportunities to the people.

币游官网Charity for Blind School, the school for blind children and Staff aged from 14-40 years are happening now in Hyderabad, India. We support the school’s fund raising work with a variety of activities. As important as the cash raised, it is, equally important the time we invested voluntarily by our staff to organise and facilitate these activities.