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Learning is Almost Real

This tool and these education videos will help students to understand the subject in real sense and makes them to feel about the subject and objects. It helps them improve their observation, ease of complexity and imagination capability. It ends with good understanding of the subject. The way these high visual videos are designed and developed takes students a takeaway experience. Our Animation expertise spans all the stages of the animation development process. Our workflow is customized to meet the needs of our e-learning Institutions. Our processes help our clients overcome the chief obstacles to the use of animation in e-learning-higher costs and turnaround time. It helps them to focus on potential returns in terms of eyeballs and training uptake. These animation programs are cross-platform-ready to be delivered on computers and smart phones.

Learn what you want………………………When you want……………

Its primary object is to explore invaluable teaching videos for students to learn effectively in the fields of medical, dental and engineering. These videos support traditional teaching methods besides providing proficient lectures delivered by subject experts. Therefore Al-Bridgesoft educational videos offer totransport thecontent of teaching (eLearning).The aim of the project is to expand access to educational materials with videos for all who wish to learn.


  • We use and having experts in Maya, 3D Max, Real flow, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, after effects and Flash to create visuals & animations to extant possible that the learning is almost real.
  • We designed shorter duration Visuals instead of longer course Visuals to make sense of a class session and the takeaway from that session.

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