Learning Management System

币游官网 The Learning Management System (LMS) Easy is a powerful online tool to help you stay involved in learning. Through LMS Easy facilitator and users can keep updated and stay in touch.

LMS Easy enabling you to easily develop, deploy, manage, and report a comprehensive learning program. Our LMS Easy ensures compliance, accelerates employee and business performance, decreases expenses, and stimulates collaboration.

  • Learn anywhere: Access and complete real-time training, such as on-the-job checklists, on mobile devices, including BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android.
  • Ensure compliance: Monitor, manage, and report government- and industry-required training so that goals are met.
  • Author content easily: Create and manage Web-based e-learning content in a variety of formats and languages.
  • Leverage content standards: The LMS supports industry content standards, such as SCORM and AICC.
  • Gain insight with analytics: With comprehensive metrics, you can make better decisions as you measure the effectiveness and value of your training.
  • Improve compliance reporting:Use the Learning Management System (LMS) Easy to track, train, and automate required certification assignments.
  • Extend learning easily: Train your partners and customers with an Extended Enterprise solution that includes e-commerce functions.

Our LMS Easy is a comprehensive solution for the administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of training programs. The features of the Our LMS Easy are:

  • Centralized and automated administration
  • Use self-service and self-guided services
  • Assemble and deliver learning content rapidly
  • Consolidate training initiatives on a scalable web-based platform
  • Support portability and standards
  • Course completion tracking and repository
  • Training for a skill set
  • A collection of courses and/or classes based on what would need to be accomplished for a particular role
  • The LMS to act as a portal to other courses

Our is pleased to provide this solution for the design, development and deployment of Learning Management System application. The LMS Easy solution can support training delivery to internal (intranet) as well as external (internet) users. The system can be exposed to external customers or partners. Our product can configure the LMS Easy application to set up different organizations in the learning portal to segment different user types. This can also accommodate different branding and user interfaces between the organizations.

Our’s solution is a role-based system. There are many default roles in the system, and new roles can be set up and defined by the administrator to accommodate specific needs. The most common roles leveraged are Learner, Manager and Administrator, but there is no limit to the number of roles you can define in the system.

币游官网LMS Easy can also leverage the organization hierarchy to manage access to different users or content in the system. This will allow managers to monitor their users within the hierarchy and run reports on their team members’ progress.

The LMS Easy application can support SCORM 1.2 training content. The LMS Easy solution does not contain a built-in Learning Content Management System (LCMS). All the course content is developed outside the LMS . For content development, various client side tools are available such as Storyline, Articulate, Captivate, Lectora, etc. These tools can publish the content in a SCORM 1.2 package for upload and publishing to the LMS to allow tracking of the user’s progress by (score, quiz and completion). These authoring tools can be used to publish new content and convert existing content (such as existing PowerPoint presentations) to SCORM compliant courses.

Solution Overview

币游官网Our learning delivery solution is built on the base of open source architecture. By leveraging open source solutions, we can provide a product that revolves around controlling long-term costs while providing flexibility, extensibility, and scalability in a robust solution. Our has created a framework which leverages Liferay portal technology and built a Learning Management System using portal framework. This provides a solution that is flexible and manageable to meet learning delivery requirement.

The open source community offers a wide variety of modules for connecting these solutions to external products. These may be downloaded and installed without a license fee. Liferay is maintained and developed by a community of thousands of users and developers. It has hundreds of commercial implementations in a variety of industries. Our follows the evolution of the portal market closely and will evaluate and install future patches and upgrades when appropriate.

The major functional elements of the LMS v3.1 include:

Portal Features

  • Security
  • Multilingual
  • Organization Hierarchy Definition
  • Role Management
  • Profile Management
  • Site Content Management
  • Content Administration, Publishing and Classification
  • Personalization (serve relevant content based on role or preferences)
  • Work Group Collaboration Space
  • Collaboration Tools (Blog, Wiki, Forum, Chat, Journal)
  • Document Library
  • Digital Library
  • Reporting
  • Announcement Board
  • Online help, FAQ and Glossary
  • Domain Expert Query Center

LMS Features

  • Competency and Skill Management
  • Performance Management and Testing Centre
  • Course Catalogue
  • Content Delivery
  • Content Tracking
  • User Transcript / Gradebook
  • Custom Learning Reports

Solution Architecture:

币游官网 Liferay Portal lowers the operational and capital costs required to support highly available and scalable web applications. Organizations can scale Liferay as needed as needed for many years at minimal additional cost. Scalability and availability will be leveraged using database and application server clustering. The below diagram shows a simple set of solution and same platform can be configured with clustering for high availability to support 1000’s of concurrent users. The below setup with a dedicated Application and Database Server will support up to 1000 concurrent users and to support higher number of concurrent users in future a cluster can be implemented.

1. LMS Architecture to support up to 1000 concurrent learners

This architecture will support up to 1000 concurrent learners and based on the usage and need of the bank a cluster environment can be implemented. A schematic diagram for cluster environment is provided below.

2. LMS Architecture in Clustered Environment:

币游官网For 2000+ concurrent learners and as need arises an additional cluster server can be added pretty easily with minimal configuration changes.

  • We will leverage Apache Mod JK connector to load balance
  • The Tomcat application server can be clustered in future to support higher number of concurrent learners.
  • Additional clusters can be added easily by updating configuration
  • The architecture supports implementing a clustered database environment but that would be overkill. We recommend initially setting up a dedicated database with 15K RMP drives and as need arises we can split the database server into for separate database servers for read and write operations.