Quality Policy

Quality is one of the strong pillars of Al-Bridgesoft Global Technologies, Which satisfies our customers. The executive board dedicates itself to implement and monitor of the following principles constantly:

  • All employees shall work according to the Quality Management System applicable in their area.
  • All employees shall undertake all actions required to maintain a close cooperation with internal and external customers and partners, and a performance-oriented communication with its suppliers.
  • Continual improvement of our products, processes, and services coupled with innovation is at the centre of our endeavours. To this end, all employees shall further optimize our organizational, operational, and technical processes.
  • Quality Management shall support the business-oriented behaviour of all parties involved.
  • Promoting employee satisfaction and quality awareness are major managerial functions in the entire company. Quality shall be an integrated element of daily business for everyone.
  • Integrity, excellence, partnership, innovation, and openness are required from all employees to achieve the goals. They have to know the input requirements to comply with quality in their area.
  • Internal education is provided to help all employees to fulfil their tasks.
  • Quality goals are regularly defined, implemented, and monitored by responsible parties within the framework of our quality management systems.