“We are the part of the society.
We should feel happy and proud to serve the society. ”

Al-Bridgesoft Foundation (BSF) is the CSR arm of Al-Bridgesoft Private Limited. BSF is focused on the areas of Education, Charity activities like blood donation camps, eye donation camps and Supporting Blind, Mentally and Physically handicapped people., with a special emphasis on Corporate Volunteering. The Foundation works with different partners across India.

币游官网Bridgesoft Foundation commits itself to a vision of a more equitable and inclusive India and the values of good corporate governance, ethical practices, and dignity of the individual. In order to achieve sustainable transformation, BSF supports and creates opportunities that nurture talent and enable the socially disadvantaged to utilize their potential.

币游官网These programs involve both direct and indirect interventions in the community and since inception, the Foundation has reached out to so many beneficiaries. The programs are run in close collaboration with government and non-government partners and maintain a high level of quality to ensure lasting impact.

Volunteering is an integral part of the Al-Bridgesoft corporate philosophy. The foundation aims at motivating Al-Bridgesoft associates to volunteer 10 percent of their free time for CSR activities.

Associates engage with communities and young minds through partner NGOs to work towards sustainable change. They work individually and in groups to ensure continuity.

In Education Sector:

Educated, skilled and able people are a country’s true strength.

Al-Bridgesoft aspire to see youth that is constructively employed, children who are purposefully engaged and a society that provides equal opportunities to people with different abilities. Through its CSR initiatives, the Al-Bridgesoft Group commits itself to this vision.

Education is the key to empowering the urban poor and helping them cross over the poverty line.

币游官网To this end:

We ensure quality in education through innovative practices such as:

  • Adopting schools to facilitate required things.
  • Developing innovative pedagogic practices for improvement
  • Enhancing classroom based support and building capacities of stakeholders
  • Facilitating cross sharing of experiences and resources
  • Creating an enabling environment that encourages children to come to school.
  • Reducing dropouts by providing knowledge systems that facilitate better learning

币游官网The Bridgesoft Foundation (BSF) planning a flagship program to honor outstanding students from selected govt schools to encourage the students.

Blood Donation Camps:

Al-Bridgesoft committed to saving lives by regularly donating blood. Our people are encouraged to attend blood centers, learn about healthy lifestyles, and give blood regularly. Our people can make new friends, promote life saving and life changing practices, and most of all - have fun while saving lives.

币游官网Recently Al-Bridgesoft donate blood to -----------------------organization on -----------------------.

We support and guide the people , Who will join with us to do these activities.

币游官网Blood cannot be manufactured, and there is no substitute for it.

币游官网 Every time you donate blood, you are saving lives

It is in constant demand for accident victims, hemophiliacs, surgeries, infants, patients battling cancer and more.

Every time you donate blood,
币游官网 you can save up to 3 lives!

Eye Donation:

币游官网We are proudly say, We encourage our people to donate their eyes to ---------------------- organization on ---------------------date.

In the world so many people are suffering from corneal blindness.

It is an act of charity, purely for the benefit of the society and is totally voluntary. Eye donation is an act of donating one’s eyes after his/her death. Only corneal blinds can be benefitted through this process not other Blinds. It is done after death. The eye donation of the deceased can be authorized by the next of kith & kin even if the deceased did not pledge to donate his / her eyes before death.

币游官网The eyes, which are received through such magnanimous gestures, are of great benefit to the society. The front, clear and transparent tissue of the eye called as cornea can be used to restore vision to corneal blind person.. The first corneal transplant took place in 1905. The first eye bank was started in Newyork in 1945. In India 500 + Eye banks are serving. We encourage people to join these activities.

Charity Programs: Supporting Blind People:

We are encouraging our people to support blind people by facilitating their needs up to their level best voluntarily. Recently Our company started donating dresses and distributing sweets and fruits to blind people in govt blind hostel located in Nanal Nagar, Hyderabad.

Supporting Physically Handicapped People:
Supporting Mentally Handicapped People:
Using Prisoners Made Items for office: