Why E-learning


Students can learn by watching their subject videos prescribed by their respective universities.

币游官网 Watch and Learn from top subject experts who are passionate about teaching

These videos contain step by step explanation with power point presentation.

币游官网 Al-Bridgesoft covers syllabi respective concern universities.

A learning experience enables the students’ theoretical and practical understanding of the various approaches like animation and real videos etc.

币游官网 Al-Bridgesoft will provide regional language titles according to subject explanation, If University requires.

Students can access the videos as many times as they wish and at any time 24*7 (Unlimited access).

All Lecturers are recorded and available in video, audio and text transcript formats.

It provides a blend of interactive animations.

To ensure all students to excel in their examinations.

Al-Bridgesoft education videos are considerably very effective.


  • Enhance's Students performance by facilitating long-term retention and retrieval.
  • Dynamic nature encourages active learning and brings the subject to life.
  • Complicated concepts are easily learned through attractive audiovisual explanations, Animations and Live experiments.
  • Raises standards of education, both in terms of concept explanation and examination performance.
  • No more turning pages, night outs and tedious study hours.
  • This product acts a perfect supplement to score the best.

    • Animation is a sure-fire way to engage your student, especially if they are learning complex subjects
    • Animations are irreplaceable to teach the assembly and dis-assembly of mechanical devices
    • Animations create environment that are highly realistic with great fidelity to real world environments.
    • We have an extensive components and frameworks that can significantly increase the attention of your student.
    • Incorporating animations creates greater acceptability for training through immersive experiences